Multitenancy with Rails 2nd edition is now “content complete”. I have now finished doing the majority of the work on this book and all that is left is to go through it and “proof” it.

The book has been updated for Rails 4.2 and uses industry best practices of building a multitenanted Rails application, and the best practices of using Braintree or Stripe to add subscription features to that application.

If you’ve read Rails 4 in Action or something of a similar level to that, this book is a perfect “next step” for you. It adds features which are more complicated than a basic “CRUD” app to an existing codebase. If that appeals to you, use the coupon code “fin” to get 50% off.

This update has been quite a long time coming: it took me 298 days from when I started updating Chapter 1 to this current point. Next up, I’ll go through the book and make sure there’s as few bugs and typos as possible. Once I’m done with that, then I will consider the book to be complete.

Thanks everyone for buying this book, reading it and providing feedback along the way.