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Twist V2 - Live Coding

13 Jan 2021

This year, I’ve been continuing on my work on Twist. As the README says:

This is a rewrite of my Rails-based book review app in rom-rb, dry-rb, (some parts of) Hanami, Sidekiq, GraphQL, React, Reach Router, Apollo, TypeScript, GraphQL Code Generator, Tailwind, and whatever other Cool Hipster Tech™ I can get my grubby hands on.

This application is a hybrid application, consisting of two distinct parts: a Ruby backend, and a TypeScript frontend. They communicate over GraphQL.

To demonstrate what working on this application is like, I’m doing some live coding sessions on it, every Wednesday morning.

Episode 1: Starting the invitations feature

Episode 2: Continuing the invitations feature

Episode 3: Checking for permissions on the invitations