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The Bikeshed

29 Mar 2021


This is a meeting to discuss the bike shed project. I called this 2.5hr long meeting (running until 1pm) on a Monday so we can start the week by deciding the way forward for the bike shed project.

As the senior consultant here I have some ideas.

The previous bike shed colour did not test well with our beta users and we were particularly ravaged by that one guy on Twitter in an extensive 46-tweet thread. Turns out, chatruese is his ex-wife’s favourite colour. Due to the above reasons, we will be deciding on a new colour for the bike sheds.

We are A/B testing new colours with a focus group that is including not only bike riders but also drivers, motorbike riders and those people with the electronic skateboards. The upcoming Bike Shed 2.0 project will be catering for their needs too.

Dave 3 from our consulting team has determined that the previous consultants did a poor job architecting the bike shed and as such it is not up to code. Daves 2 through 5 recommend a rebuild, while Daves 1 and 6 are still on the fence. That is, they’re on BAU work for the Fence Alpha release that was due out a week and a half ago.

Dave 3 estimates the rebuild of the bike shed will take approximately 3 months, which coincidentally is two weeks longer than our contract lasts for. We will talk to the management here about renewing our contract for another 12 months.

Are there any questions before we begin?