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What was that branch?

14 May 2024

When I’m working in an app I tend to have multiple branches on the go at any one time while waiting for feedback on those branches, be that feedback from CI systems or people. Occasionally, it’s a few days / weeks between visits to a branch because the flow of work meant it that way. And sometimes, I forget what the branch name was.

To help with this, I’ve got this function in my ~/.zshrc:

fbr () {
	local branches branch
	branches=$(git for-each-ref --count=30 --sort=-committerdate refs/heads/ --format="%(refname:short)")  && branch=$(echo "$branches" |
  fzf-tmux -d $(( 2 + $(wc -l <<< "$branches") )) +m)  && git checkout $(echo "$branch" | sed "s/.* //" | sed "s#remotes/[^/]*/##")

This complicated looking function finds the 30 most recent local branches and presents them in a date-ordered list using fzf-tmux. To pick a branch, I can type part of the branch name if I remember it, and fzf will filter the list of branches to just the ones that match that. When I find the branch I want, I hit enter and this will swap over to the branch.